About Us

Indians abroad: this is where we stand.
Indians abroad is a unifying  force.
There are a great many social and print media for Indians in the Diaspora. Most are parochial in content and outlook. But a few are well produced, well written, above sectarianism and provide excellent news coverage of the activities and achievements of the Indian Diaspora,.
But where Indians abroad has  a winning formula is when it transcends boundaries and narrow sectarian interests and addresses the concerns of the Diaspora and records their many achievements and reveals their major contributions to the countries they now regard as their home-socially , culturally, economically ,politically and professionally.
Many countries have welcomed the Indian Diaspora while some others continue to resent and oppress them. A notorious example is Fiji which has  poor human rights records particularly in relation to the Indian minority.
Indians Abroad shares the highly civilised view of the former leader of the British Labour Party that a civilised nation is judged by the way in which it treats its minorities.
Indians Abroad seeks to unite the different Indian minorities living in the Western, Asian and African countries with reportage of the negative and the positive.
With a quite comprehensive coverage of Diaspora affairs and  informed  analysis it hopes to encourage contacts between the different Diaspora communities.
This is a massive undertaking but Indians Abroad  is optimistic and confident that its style, presentation, reportage and analysis will attract a large and influential readership.

In situations where human rights are imperilled  by chauvinistic majorities, awareness and solidarity with their brethren across frontiers may also help to frustrate the bigots. Indians Abroad is determined to play a major , constructive role in not only protecting the human rights of the Diaspora but in cementing social and cultural ties among and between the various communities