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Ramdev meets Australian leaders to promote Yoga and Ayurveda

Melbourne: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has said he is keen to promote Yoga and Ayurveda in Australia by setting up a centre as he met leaders and businessmen seeking support. "Australia is a very good nation and we want to promote practice of Yoga and Ayurveda here," Ramdev, who was on his maiden four-day visit to the country told PTI. Ramdev was felicitated by a group of Indo-Australian leaders and businessmen of Whyndam Vale suburb who extended support and assistance to set up a Yoga centre in the area. "These businessmen and leaders would be giving us a plan and we will look at it here. We want to take India's name at the top and whatever we can do to promote Yoga and Ayurveda, we will do that," he said yesterday. Indian-origin Councillor-cum-businessman Intaj Khan said, "Baba Ramdev is a perfect example for us to learn from. He started his life from the scratch and build a massive empire of over millions of Rupees."

"We are keen to set up a Yoga centre in the Whyndam Vale area and we are happy to offer our support and assistance including finding a site for the same," Whyndam Councillor Gautam Gupta said. Ramdev also visited Parliament of Victoria where he met parliamentarians and community leaders. He led a group meditation in Queen's Hall as part of a presentation he made to parliamentarians and community members. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Telmo Languiller welcomed him and paid tribute to his dedication to Yoga, meditation and spirituality. Languiller said Ramdev was recognised throughout the world for promoting the well-being of mind, body and soul. Ramdev held a public lecture at University of Melbourne on 'The Purpose and power of Yoga'. Besides, he held Yoga camps in Sydney and Brisbane.

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