2015-04-27 / By Dr. Cyriac Maprayil

Virendra Sharma labours for all the People, Not Just for the Labour Party

Virendra Sharma MP is that rare politician – one who enjoys the support of the overwhelming majority of the people in his Ealing-Southall Constituency across party lines. In my view he is a safe bet to be returned to Parliament in the next election. He is seen as cool, calm, very accessible, a sea green incorruptible and the Man who not only promises but actually delivers. But typical of this very modest, likeable man he takes nothing for granted and is out there for long periods of the day and night knocking on doors requesting his loyal supporters and the uncommitted to make sure that he is re-elected.

Sharma scores magnificently as he is a good listener and a man of action. His surgeries are crowded and he spends as much time in his constituency as in the House of Commons. He does not just sympathise with the individuals who are victims of bureaucratic arrogance. But follows up with appropriate action. This is the essence of democracy – the small man or woman is never neglected.

Virendra Sharma also attends most functions in his constituency. Weddings, birthday parties and funerals of even some the humblest citizens require his comforting presence. In the House of Commons he is master of his briefs asking questions affecting not only the people of Southall but also the wider, multicultural society. He is also an internationalist throwing his support for some of the progressive movements for peace and harmony.

Mr. Sharma is stubbornly secular urging his constituents to reject bigotry and communalism in favour of a more cohesive society. He abhors racism, fundamentalism and sexism.

The NHS and education are also his top priorities. It is no coincidence that under his vigilant watch his constituency is full of high educational and professional achievers.

I have followed closely the fascinating career of Virendra long before his election to Parliament.He was and still is always a community man. At a time when politics and politicians are viewed with cynicism, even contempt by the public, because some of them are accused of being on the make and take as the notorious expenses and housing fraud exposed by some respected investigative journalists, Virendra Sharma emerges with an unblemished record.

I, myself, am largely apolitical but when I support Virendra I don’t do so as a Labour Party partisan but as a humanitarian who cares deeply about the underprivileged, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the homeless and the future of the NHS so callously threatened with privatisation which of course, means millions in profits for some unsavoury characters. Virendra Sharma is setting standards for a healthier and better politics for the new generation of politicians.

A vote for Virendra, in my view, is a vote for decency, justice, and compassion and community cohesion.

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