2015-09-08 / Dr.Cyriac Maprayil

Jeremy Corbyn sticks to his ethical rather than Machiavellian mindset and approach to politics

Reading some of the so called respectable dailies one gets the impression that Jeremy Corbyn is out to mislead and destroy this country by getting elected as the leader of the Labour Party and ,in due course ,by becoming the Prime Minister.

Many of our Economic Pundits are forecasting not just doom and gloom but total havoc if Jeremy Corbyn has his way in running our economy.

I went to listen to Jeremy Corbyn speak at a meeting in Southwark on Saturday(5 september) afternoon.

Inspite of the fact that the organizers warned everyone that Jeremy Corbyn was unsure of when he will manage to reach the venue because of his speaking schedule on the day almost everyone including women and children waited over 3 hours to see him and hear him speak..It was amazing to see them wait patiently until he arrived and made his speech that summed up briefly his vision for Britain .

When Jeremy spoke about the need to build an inclusive society and on the relevance of dialogue rather than confrontation and war to resolve conflicts he reminded me of Mahatma Gandhi.I must confess I have never come across a political leader as genuine and as inspiring as

Jeremy Corbyn.That probably explains the secret of his appeal and impact on those who listen to him with an open mind.
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