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2019-03-10 / Dr Cyriac Maprayil

Estuary Island Resort -The Queen of All Beach Resorts

Recently I revisited the Estuary Island resort.As always i found my stay immensely refreshing and exceptionally rejuvenating not only due to its enchanting and stunning ambience but also due to the additional structural and other innovations which the resort has undergone in the recent months making it ,so to say, the queen of all resorts.

It was a pleasant surprise to observe that the new chef and his team wasted no time to make sure the guests receive exactly what they wanted on top of all other varied and deliciously prepared items on the menu.It was good to see the guests, local and foreign leaving the restaurant happy and content.

At this resort I experienced Kerala hospitality at its best and being a Keralite, I feel immensely proud to say so.
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