2013-07-28 / Special Correspondent

Narendra Modi will lead our party and lead our country: Lalu Bhai Parekh

Lalu Bhai Parekh, president of the Overseas friends of UK is confident about prospects of BJP in the coming election. A down to earth Politician, NRI business man and community activists uses every possible opportunity to highlight BJP’s policies and Priorities. He is a firm believer that only BJP can lead the country into better prosperity and Modi is the only man to do this job. Our correspondent met him and interviewed him

: what is the chance of BJP in the coming Parliamentary election in 2014 ?

We firmly believe that this time its going to be BJP.Its because the UPA government is deeply corrupt, inefficient and has lost all its credibility.

And if BJP gets the majority who will be the Prime Minister?

Without doubt it has to be Narendra Modii. Modi Is experienced, efficient and has viable program of development and good governnes which will benefit all sections of the Indian Population. His Gujarat mode of development can be adapted on a national level.

Why do you think that Modi is better than L.K Advani?

Advaniji is too old and Modi represents the new generation and its aspirations.Besides he is a good administrator, not just a theoretician. The prime Ministerial candidate of Congress Rahul Gandhi is being projected as a young man with vision by the congress party. But he is inexperienced in administration and I don’t think he has made his mark in any field. Let alone to be in a position to run a country like India. Putting Rahul to run the country is like asking the blind man to show the way.

Minorities, specially the Muslims in India seem to get panic at the thought of Modi becoming the Prime Minister!

Modi will Govern within the frame work of the constitution of India. What the minorities need is faith in the constitution. BJP has ruled the country in the past,BJP's national council consists of representatives from all section especially the muslim minorities. India is not run by U.S style presidential system. There are adequate checks and balances to ensure that the government operates within the system. Modi has never ever spoken anything against the minority community.

What about the Gujarat riots during which hundreds of minorities were killed?

Modi was not responsible for the riots, for what happened during the riots although sections of the media have been blaming him for what happened. Modi has even recently expressed his sadness of the riots and the number of people who died in it. India has witnessed innumerable misfortunes and all of them were not man made or orchestrated. What is important is that we should do every thing humanly possible to make sure such incident do not occur in future and if they happen we should be prepared as a nation to contain and minimise the damage. BJP leadership has enough people on top leadership who are able, willing and committed to care for all section of our society at all times, in power or out of power

NRI everywhere want to see a prosperous India and we are disappointed so far with the UPA government and India needs a change of government and BJP has a manifesto for bringing about the regeneration of our economy and a renaissance of our culture. I hope and pray that we will go up rather than go down after the elections next year.

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