2017-05-17 / Dr.Cyriac Maprayil

Piyush Goyal,India’s Energy Minister says” the government is for transparency ,accountability and inclusive development starting with the poorest of the poor”

As part of the B.J.P government’s three years in power celebrations I was invited to attend a function on Saturday 13 May in London.High commission for India was the chief Guest and Lalu Bhai Parekh chaired the meeting.The Key note speech was by Piyush Goyal Minister for Power and Energy. It was one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard from a visiting Indian minister in recent years and that too without using notes.I found his repeated emphasis on transparency ,accountability , and inclusive growth focussing on the poorest of the poor in India immensely reassuring to those of us who occasionally wondered whether our government had a coherent vision let alone an action plan. Although most of those who attended this large gathering were already converted to the idea that the B.J.P is the party to pull our country out of its chronic backwardness, Puyush Goyal’s speech must have gone a long way to convince at least some of the “doubting thomases”.When he pointed out how his own ministry is ahead of its target in the electrification of the villages still in the dark ,he sounded convincing enough.Even to keep the party in power on its toes India needs an effective opposition and it seems there is no single or coalition of parties to give the government a run for their “rhetoric” as the opposition parties appear to claim. Even the so called leftist parties appear that they have lost their wings!

How ever Indians abroad should find a way to monitor how the words we hear from our ministers are being matched by their deeds and,ofcourse, continue to support and appreciate as appropriate-a duty on the part of all those who wish well for India.

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