2018-11-07 / Dr Cyriac Mapryil

Kerala-God’s own country

As in most parts of the world there are some good and not so good hotels. Kerala, the world's 17th most popular travel destination has been designated as such by the highly respected National Geographic Magazine. Everywhere, particularly in the West, the Environment is taking a terrible beating. Forests, vital to the well-being of peoples who have inhabited them for millions of years, are being ruthlessly destroyed by crooked timber billionaires, especially in Brazil. Once pristine rivers are polluted by greedy industries. Even the once glorious, clean oceans are under threat. As for wildlife, it is estimated that over 50% of our animal friends have been exterminated and it's not going to stop there.

Kovalam is a generous beneficiary of Nature's bounty of sun, sea and the most alluring greenery on Planet Earth. Its rain forests are literally untouched and most of its wildlife is well protected. Its serene backwaters are one of its many wonders, particularly popular with British travellers. Its safe and steady boats can take you on some exciting journeys. Kerala also has a great martial arts tradition said to be far older than the much acclaimed Chinese and Japanese versions. Kerala has amazed the world with its outstanding educational performance - it has a 100 percent literacy rate. This accounts for the fact that many of India's finest diplomats, politicians, professional and academics hail from that state. The calm, unexcitable and disciplined Keralites have, ever since India's independence, democratically voted for governments of a Marxist hue and orthodox Congress policies.

Kovalam famous for its sun-drenched beaches is highly recommended. This is a unique family holiday desti-nation. It also has some of the most sought after Ayurvedic clinics in the country. Book in at the Turtle on the Beach Hotel and you are assured of a warm welcome. Children love the space, the safe enclaves for swimming and the sandy shore for the games. The following is a child's charming view of her stay at the Turtle on the Beach Hotel: "It's by chance that I got to know my turtle

on the beach. I call it mine because I fell in love with it. It stood as a lone beauty along the renowned Eve's beach at Kovalam throwing glances at me through the coconut trees' green as I played with the waves. And deep down I felt this one-of-a-kind boutique hotel has won my heart for sure.”As most objective travel writers and holidaymakers will testify its natural beauty and hospitality are peerless.

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