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The V.K Krishna Menon Institute has decided to confer The V.K Krishna Menon Award 2014 on Benni Joseph Mavelil, Community Leader and Philanthropist.

Benni Joseph Mavelil,President of the UKKCA was chosen for the Award in recognition of his outstanding professional and altruistic achievements,contributions and services to the Knanaya Catholic Community as well as the wider multicultural society.Benni Joseph was born in India and has been living and working in the U.K for over a decade.

For Benni Joseph the expression,Charity begins at home is not an abstract concept.It is, in fact, the cornerstone of his humanist philosophy inspired not only by his professional background but also by his heart-warming embrace of all members of his community as part of his own Family.

According to Dr CyriacMaprayil,Executive Director of the VK Krishna MenonInstitute,"what impressed us most was Benni Joseph’s practical approach to the problems thrown up by the social imbalances of the society we live in and the most favourable reactions of the people he has served and continues to serve with such selfless devotion .It was in keeping with his conviction that actions must always be louder than words that he decided to initiate the setting -up of a Community Centre -KnanayaBhavan- donating a substantial sum of money towardsit.The VK Krishna Menon Institute feels that what Mr Benny Joseph did was a magnificent and noble act.

The award will be presented at a function in London hosted by The VK Krishna Menon Institute later in the year.

The VK Krishna Menon Institute was launched in 2006 to celebrate and commemorate the life, times and achievements of a prodigiously talented statesman, India’s first High Commissioner in London,Union Minister of India and pioneering London councillor. Menon founded the India League, the unofficial embassy of British India in London which became a powerful force in the overseas movement for India’s Freedom Struggle.

One of The VK Krishna Menon Institute’s objectives is to present awards to outstanding Indian patriots who have served in the Diaspora and also distinguished themselves in various fields including science,literature,business, politics, diplomacy, philanthropy etc.

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