2014-01-22 / Dr Cyriac Maprayil

Corruption: an incurable disease?

This is a pessimistic title, but reflects the ugly Indian reality which stands in the way of the world’s largest secular democracy’s efforts to achieve social, economic and political justice for all its people.

However, some political activists are heroically resisting the omnipotence of the Indian version of the mafia, corruption and misappropriation of the huge wealth of the Nation.

The recent gains of some anti-corruption warriors in New Delhi, one of the most influential states in India, is encouraging news – Delhi is, after all, the home of the Indian parliament, comprised of the majority of the corrupt and corrupted who pay hypocritical lip service to the need to stamp out corruption while lining their own pockets with billions of ill-gotten rupees.

The new Aam Aadmi Party has a huge fight on its hands – one must remember that the Indian Establishment itself including some of its top leaders are the beneficiaries of the colossal corruption that bleeds India alive.

The status quo is also backed by the powerful media, including some of the state-funded institutions. Delhi may be the heart of the new anti-corruption movement, but it cannot go very far until the idealism behind it develops into a powerful national force within India as a whole.

However, this is a good start and congratulations to the Aam Aadmi Party and its leaders for driving what we all hope is the first nail in the coffin of corruption. The Indian critics of corruption in India and abroad often assume that this disease will never go away. That is too pessimistic an analysis and does a grave injustice to the efforts of the enemies of rampant corruption to introduce a cleaner moral element into Indian politics and business.

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