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2017-12-01 / By Dr.Cyriac Maprayil ,Chief Editor indiansabroad

We are a rich nation with poor People: Nitin Gadkari

We are a rich nation with poor people: stated Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Shipping addressing an NRI investors gathering organised by the Vedanta Resource Centre in London. He added that those in the Government are responsible –I suppose he meant those of the past Governments- for the state of affairs and that he is determined and committed to work hard to improve and innovate adequately and appropriately the infrastructure of our country especially the transport(Road,Rail,River etc) system to enable India to develop systematically and faster.

He appealed to potential NRI and other investors to come forward to work with his Ministry to rebuild India. Those who participated were unusually impressed by the clarity of his thinking and the simplicity and frankness of his interaction pointing out the high performance targets his ministry has set for itself. Among other thing he high lighted the integrated approach towards Ganga rejuvenation,one of the major projects of the Government for which he invited overseas Indians to participate and contribute.

After listening to Sri Nitin Gadkari most of us felt reassured and relieved that in Nitin Gadkari,India has a no non-sense Minister who holds a key port folio where there is hope, accountability and transparency.

Participants were welcomed by the President of Vedanta Mr. Anil Agarwal. High commissioner of India,Deputy High commissioner, and other prominent NRI investors attended.

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