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2016-10-31 / Dr Cyriac Maprayil

Jeremy Corbyn-the opposition leader with a far sighted vision and inclusive approach

After Michael Foot, the labour party did not have the fortune to have a leader who fits its values and ideology. It is true labour won elections but not on issues that significantly matters the people as a whole. Labour was given a different ‘label ‘and the supporters were led through a different path until recently. Labour victories, therefore , were not victories for real labour causes like reducing unemployment ,homelessness, deterioration of the NHS etc.

We now have aTory government and the role of the opposition as always is to constructively contribute to ensure that the government of the day does not take citizens for a ride on key issues.

“ Brexit means Brexit”, let the Prime Minister get on with the job. The EU referendum was a self-inflicted measure on the part of the David Cameron Government. The idea of referendum was thrown-up into the air as a bullying and bargaining tool vis-à-vis the rest of the members of the EU to get a better deal for Britain. Eventually, as we all know, it backfired and the Prime Minister fell into the pit of his own making.The labour should not distract itself trying to mesmerise and reverse the people’s verdict. Those who suggest to campaign to reverse it are, to say the least, misguided if not mischievous. In any case it should not be the Labour party’s look out to identify the current thinking of the British public on European Union.

The Labour party should work on all fronts in the coming years to provide the right kind of leadership that the British public regardless of their party affiliation expects from Her Majesty’s opposition. Jeremy Corbyn is most suited to discharge the role of leading an effective opposition and he deserves the support of the House of Commons as a whole, not just the elected members of the Labour Party.

By Dr Cyriac Maprayil

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