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2018-10-08 / Dr Cyriac Maprayil

Brussels Hosts Europe India Business Summit

Europe India Centre for Business and Industry took an Indian business delegation to Brussels and held its 22nd Summit of Business Meets in the European Parliament, chaired and addressed by two distinguished members of the European Parliament - namely, Hon. Geoffrey van Orden (UK) and Hon. Caroline Nagtegaal (Netherlands), Chair and Vice Chair persons of the European Parliament delegations for relations with India, respectively.

Sujit Nair, Chairman of the Europe India Centre for Business and Industry can take credit for taking such a rich and varied delegation, representing diverse businesses with high potential for global expansion and growth.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the summit was an unqualified success. The Belgian government-supported morning session where a leading Brussels-based legal team not only made a detailed and authentic presentation on how Indian companies can set up their businesses in Brussels but also made themselves available to take questions from the floor.

One could see how the participants immensely valued and enjoyed the session.

Afternoon session at the EU parliament provided the delegates the opportunity to make their presentations on what their companies/businesses could offer. Indian businesses need to get introduced to EU and, obviously, EU businesses to India for mutual benefit. There are no shortcuts to go about achieving that other than through summits like this, especially for small businesses.

Experience of doing business in Europe with its emphasis on employee rights and advanced employment laws will certainly have a refining, so to say, effect on the business culture and employee - employer relations in India.

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